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5 things that you should know about good quality leather blazer
5 things that you should know about good quality leather blazer

5 things that you should know about good quality leather blazer

A quality Leather jackets for men or women, is the ultimate wardrobe must. Because it can be costly, purchasing a high-quality leather coat/ jacket is frequently viewed as a one-time, long-term investment. It is intended to be ageless, durable, and incredibly versatile to fulfil a variety of purposes.

Everybody enjoys dressing stylishly and being modern everywhere they go. Everybody aspires to look their best while being fashionable. Most people enjoy wearing leather outfits and styling their outfits accordingly, but if you are wearing a genuine leather jacket, you will dominate the competition if you want to keep your entire look simple.

Every age group can wear leather coat/jackets and leather blazer to look their best. They are timeless. You get a few more boldness ounces because to the leather jacket outfits. It gives off a strong appearance and perhaps makes the wearer feel more assured. You have a major confidence boost. The leather coat has the power to better identify your individuality in a manner that other types of clothing just cannot.

The greatest shops or businesses on the market should be used to purchase your leather jacket since they are stylish, up-to-date, and know what is in style. The shopslike one also offer genuine leather jackets in South Africa

Check out the incredible selection of leather jackets at Johannesburg. They utilize premium leather from ethically planned sources and have collections for both leather jacket forwomen and men. You might think that the jackets are forcing you to buy them when you consider the relationship.

It can be very difficult and perplexing to get a good leather blazer with the variety of options available. This article will walk you through every step of selecting the ideal leather blazer. It will concentrate on every aspect to consider when purchasing a leather blazer so that you don’t wind up regretting your choice after shelling out a hefty sum of money.

1- Quality & Type of Leather

The leather used to make a jacket is its most essential and significant component. A typical person with little background knowledge on this subject may find it quite challenging to distinguish the quality of leather. Before purchasing your ideal leather blazer, you could not do worse than not knowing everything about features of genuine leather jackets.So here they are,


What animal skin do you want your leather jacket to be constructed of should be your first priority. The functionality and available budget will decide this entirely subjective issue.

While there are various species from which skin can be harvested, the largest ones are those from cows, sheep, lamb, goats, and calves. Kangaroo, deer, pig, and crocodile are just a few examples of exotic leather.

Calfskin is more expensive than lamb since it possesses the qualities of suppleness and durability.

B-Grade or type of leather

The grade or type of leather must be chosen second: Top-grain leather, or leather that has been rectified.

In full-grain leather, the entire hide is used, and all of the blemishes, scars, and patterns are preserved and not changed. Because only the best grade hides are suitable, it is more expensive and matures nicely with use.

The lowest quality grade, rectified grain, has been altered to appear to be of better grades.

C- Finishing of Leather

The leather’s finishing is the last thing to consider; terminology like aniline and semi-aniline are frequently used in this context.

The more expensive aniline leather coatis retained in its natural state with all the stains and flaws, but it is also vulnerable to harm from water and sunshine.

Semi-aniline leather is more robust and durable than aniline leather and is gently dyed to remove stains and imperfections.

2-Joints and Panels,

As a general rule, leather jackets with fewer panels and fewer joints will cost more than those with many panels and numerous joints.

There are exceptions, however, in which a jacket with numerous panels and joints may also be costly because of the detailing, embroidery, or ornamentation utilized in addition to the panels and joints.

3- Lining Inside

The inner lining is an additional fabric layer that makes the jacket heavier. It makes for a smooth fall from top to bottom if you firmly pull the jacket down from your shoulders. In some situations, the inner lining can also absorb sweat. It is soft, warm, and comfortable to wear.

The price of a jacket will also be influenced by the kind of fabric used in the inside lining and the features it offers. The ideal choice for the interior lining is thought to be Bemberg lining. It has a smooth feel and is breathable and lightweight.

4-Sewing and Workmanship

A blazer’s impeccable stitching is a sign of its excellent quality and demonstrates the care and attention that went into its creation. Strong polyester thread should be used to stitch the leather jacket uniformly, thickly, and without any loose ends

5-Equipment and Accessories

An excellent and simple approach to assess the quality of a leather jacket or a brand is to look at the hardware and accessories utilized in it. Before purchasing a specific jacket, one must ensure that it has high-quality hardware and accessories.

Patches, motifs, studs, eyelets, buckles, and other supplementary, frequently decorative features used to improve the appearance of the garment are considered accessories, sometimes known as embellishments. Similar to buttons, zippers, and other functional metallic pieces, such as jacket closures, are considered hardware.

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